Susquehanna Region is the #1 automotive event club in south central PA. We are a group of car and racing enthusiasts, who have a passion for actually taking their cars on the road and racetrack. Our primary club activity is AUTOCROSS and RALLYCROSS, where members can drive their cars at 10/10ths in a safe environment. Members also road race, rally, kart, build cars, and more.

We extend an invitation to YOU to bring your car to an autocross and drive it like it was made to be driven. Check the Autocross page links for details on what it is, and how to get started.

»Upcoming Events:
Autocross: May 29 @ Farm Show (Double Header)
RallyCross: June 25 Elemerton Lot

»Register for AutoX/RallyX:
Includes times, place, starting time. Opens 1 month prior to event date.

Directions to AX venues can be found on the "Directions" page. We require all drivers to work or volunteer to help at an AX event. [more]



March 26/27 Hershey Park
May 29 Farm Show (Double Header)
June 5 Farm Show (Double Header) - on Again
September 11 Farm Show (Double Header)
October 29/30 Hershey Park


April 16 RallyX School Elmerton Lot
April 17 Elmerton Lot
June 25 Elmerton Lot
August 6 Elmerton Lot
September 3 Elmerton Lot

»Online Calendars. SUSQ Region has several Google hosted calendars you can subscribe to in your calendar apps. Right Click to copy address and paste into your calendar app:

Subscribe to SUSQ Region via Google Calendars

»RallyCross Location
Harrisburg, at 1300 Elmerton Avenue, a short distance from the Farm Show lots. Get more info here.

Sign up at MyAutoEvents!

RallyX Site Farm Show


»Check out a new resource based on the book, Go Ahead, Take The Wheel at the website by the same name. If you're new, there is a great deal of long-form text describing a lot of aspects of motor racing, including Autocross and Road Racing.
If you have a friend interested in Autocross, send them to us and GATTW as well!



»Notice for all AX participants: National SCCA requires all participants to be either National SCCA members, or purchase a "Weekend Membership" at the event (or online when registering). The SUSQ Region has little control over this. We must charge an additional fee if you are not an SCCA member. You must SHOW your SCCA card at the registration table/check in, or purchase the Weekend Membership. You may fill out the form at registration, OR download the form HERE [PDF format] and make 3 copies of it and bring it to registration with you.

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