The Barn Tour RoadRally

Oct 6, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 3:00 pm
The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail
PA 17233
Lisa Leathery

The Fulton Barn Quilt Trail is the largest barn quilt trail in Pennsylvania.  It provides a beautiful drive through scenic valleys nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.  For more details about the Frontier Barn Quilt Trail, visit their official web site.  This Rally will use only a portion of the trail route.  Route and driving directions provided day of check-in.

This Road Rally is designed to provide an enjoyable drive through the country side while conducting a Scavenger Hunt of Barn Quilts.  This Rally is a “social” event and is not based on accurate time and distance.  Scoring will be based on the ability of driver and navigator to answer questions about things seen on the route and staying on course, finishing in the appropriate time frame.  Directions and mileage points will be provided to all participants at the registration check-in.  Check points will be set up along the route.   We are encouraging members and non-members to come out and enjoy the beautiful drive though the mountains of Fulton County.  This would be a great opportunity to get younger family members involved in a driving activity.  We welcome all to participate – SCCA membership is not a requirement.  This event will take place rain or shine.  Only extreme weather conditions would warrant cancelation.

A Road Rally is not a race.  The roads are challenging, sharp curves, steep climbs and wildlife crossings all combined with an unknown route.  Driver and navigator must work together to stay on course while looking for clues.  Speed does not improve the score.  Accurate answers and description of quilts sited will improve your overall score.   There will be prizes in each class.

In addition to the Road Rally activity there will also be:  Fall Truck And ATV Dirt Drags held at the Fulton County Fair in McConnellsburg, starting at 4 pm.  This is the facility where the Road Rally will start and finish. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

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Event Overview

This is a GTA/Social Road Rally. There are no points towards any championship.

There are many variations of Road Rally—this is a “social” rally, which does not require participants to track time and accurate distance. Instead, each vehicle has a navigator who will read directions and route questions, and the driver will follow the instructions. The goal is to drive the directions accurately, look for barn quilts along the way, and answer questions about the quilts and the route. At the end of the rally, the driver and navigator team will submit their answer sheet to be tallied. Scoring and determination/announcement of winners will occur at the conclusion of the event.

The intention is to have a pleasant Saturday drive, following the speed limits and all local laws. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the view and spot the quilts! This is a rural route and there will not be facilities along the way (only one bathroom stop!). Make sure to use the restroom before departing, and take water and snacks along for passengers.

Additional Notes of Importance:

  • The official instructions will be provided at the check-in at on-site registration; mileage will be included to help you determine if you are on course.
  • Each navigator should have a pencil or pen (and perhaps a clip board) to record answers to the event questions.
  • Vehicles will depart the start point with at least one minute between each vehicle, and each vehicle will have a number I.D.
  • There will be check points along the route to verify that participants are on the correct route.
  • Warning: don’t play follow the leader! Vehicles ahead of you may make a wrong turn.
  • Each car will be driving approximately 60 miles, total.
  • This is NOT a race; ALL traffic laws must be followed.


Event Venue & Timetable

Check-in: Fulton County Fairgrounds, 888 Lincoln Way E., McConnelsburg, PA

  • 10:30AM: Registration opens
  • 11:30AM: Registration closes
  • 11:30AM: Vehicles begin route
  • Estimated time to complete: 2.5 hours

Final Destination: Same as check-in

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