How should I prepare my car for a race?

Aside from the normal car care — keeping up with oil/fluid changes, brake inspections, etc — you’ll want to check your fluid levels and remove any extra items you won’t need on race day. The vehicle also must be clear of any loose items before you race. That includes floor mats, garage door openers, and anything else not fastened securely to the car (inside or out).

Some competitors also choose to run higher pressure in their tires — typically 38-40 psi. That might sound like a lot at first, but the extra pressure strengthens your sidewalls around corners and can prevent you from “popping the bead.” While uncommon, this is possible when external pressure on the sidewall — typically due to driving/drifting into a rut sideways against the wheel — can push the sidewall inward enough to instantly deflate the tire.

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