Do I need special tires?

Aside from driver skill, tires may be the single most important investment you can make before you begin rallycross. A lot of people have a second set of wheels and tires just for competition, although the stock category does have regulations and limits about size and type, so make sure to check the rules before buying!

If you’re looking for tires specifically for rallycross, snow tires may be the way to go, and they are allowed in all classes. They are a good choice due to their softer compound than all-season tires and they usually have more aggressive tread. Both attributes help your car get traction.

If you’re in Prepared or Modified classes, you also have the option to get stage rally tires, which have stiffened sidewalls. They are more limited in size options and may be more difficult to find, but they’re worth looking into if you’re serious about the sport. Snow tires still offer similar traction and fun, though.

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