2016 Autocross Recap (so far)

Note that the info below is subject to change based on who registers for the final two Hershey Park autocrosses before registration closes! This data is as of 10/16/2016

A Street

Justin Peachey has led since Event #3 and has clinched the only trophy in the class.

B Street

There are three people eligible for trophies in B Street this year, with two more possible if they sign up for both Hershey events.  Jim Bobeck has run in every event this year and has the inside track on the lead, although Jon Oravec can take first place if he wins the class on both Saturday and Sunday and Jim can’t claim a second place either day.  Eric Wahlberg is currently sitting in third and is alive for second place, but would need some great performances and two uncharacteristically rough days from Jon Oravec.  Thomas Schneck and James Fagan are also alive for trophies, but would have a tough time catching the top three.

C Street

Tied for the lead with D Street in trophy-eligible drivers with four, C Street should pick up another with Jason Keener having signed up for both events.  Paul Sciukas has led the class from the opening weekend and clinched first place.  Chris Benfer needs to have one clean run sometime at Hershey to officially lock up second place as well.  The battle for third place could get very interesting, with both John Angstadt and Be-One Vang coming in separated by three points and able to pick up points on both days.  Neither is signed up now, however, which potentially opens the door for Jason Keener to sneak into the third spot with a couple of good races.

D Street

As mentioned above, D Street has four drivers already eligible for trophies, but we won’t be adding any more after Hershey.  First place is open in this class, with Fran Krizner coming into Hershey with the points lead, but Jack Raymond is ready to come in after a strong 19th-place finish at Nationals this year and take the top spot.  Fran can clinch the top spot with wins on both days – anything less and he’ll need some help.  Kristen Poole and Bradley Harlacher come into Hershey in a dead heat for third place, although Kristen has an extra race under her belt which will make it tougher for her to pick up additional points.  If Brad decides to sign up in time for the events, he would have to be considered the favorite to take home the third spot.

E Street

None of the E Street competitors has already qualified for a trophy this year, but both Ryan Shumberger and Jason Fetchko could lay claim to the class by competing on the final weekend.  Ryan currently holds a three point lead in the class by virtue of a couple of head to head races earlier this year.

F Street

In F Street there are three drivers eligible for trophies, and Danny Pfirman is expected to join the group as well.  Lisa Leathery could also become eligible by competing in either of the Hershey events.  Ryan Hammond is currently leading the class, but has not yet registered for the weekend and has an additional race compared to the leading challenger, Zach McCune.  Zach is signed up for both events and should be able to lay claim to the top spot this year.  Carl Ramsey is currently sitting in third place and is registered for Saturday’s event only.  Carl cannot catch second unless he finds a way to register for Sunday, but both Lisa (3 points behind) and Danny (6 points behind) have a shot to catch him and take third place for themselves.

G Street

We have no drivers currently sitting eligible for trophies, but three drivers are expected to qualify in the final weekend.  Justin Steck is sitting with a 7 point lead at the moment, but is only registered for Saturday.  That will leave Joshua Weyer with a shot to overtake him with two solid performances over the weekend.  Theodore DeMartini will also be able to qualify for a trophy, but a 10 point deficit versus Josh will likely be too much to overcome in two races, leaving him in third place for the season.

H Street

There are two drivers competing for trophies in H Street this year.  Jim Einhouse enters the final weekend with an 11 point lead over Sean Michael, but he also has two additional events.  If Sean elects to sign up for the weekend it will be very difficult for Jim to keep him out of the winner’s circle.

Street Touring F

Dan Oyler has clinched the top spot in STF this year through a series of strong performances throughout the series.  Darian Taggart has come on strong in the last few events, and while he can’t take the overall points title for the year he’ll be challenging Dan for the top spot on each of the two days in Hershey.  Greg Kulp currently needs two races to qualify for a season trophy, but is only signed up for one day.  If he elects to participate in both he’ll clinch third place, but second is probably out of reach this year.

Street Touring S

David Hagan is the only driver in STS to compete in every event this year, and he’ll be walking away with the season title at the end.

Street Touring X

In STX, Forrest Graeff hasn’t mathematically locked up first place yet, but it is definitely his spot to lose.  He’ll claim the title with a fourth place or better finish in either event at Hershey.  Second place driver Chris Raymond should be able to pick up points on both days to close a 20-point gap, but he cannot catch Forrest in the overall standings.  Derrick Min could technically catch Forrest on a tie-breaker with a pair of wins and a lot of help, but he’ll need to register for both days first.  Jim Grimm could also factor into the trophy hunt with a couple more races, but he cannot overtake any of the other drivers at this point.

Street Touring R

Adam Koback has won every event he’s run in this year, and fittingly takes a lead into the final weekend.  Stephen Landersman is within three points at the moment, but has one more race to his credit so it will be very difficult for him to make a move and take over the series title this year.  Chad Kettler and Joel Moats could also gain eligibility in the final weekend, although neither has enough races to catch the leaders.

Street Touring U

Derek Colton enters the weekend having locked up first place in the series this year after winning all six of the events he’s participated in.  Bradley Hill will qualify for the second trophy by competing for the weekend, but can’t catch Derek for the top spot.

Street Touring P

Richard Thomas has led the class since Event #3 and has already clinched the top spot for the season.

B Street Prepared

Robert Meyers has won every event he’s entered this year and will earn the top trophy in BSP this year.

C Street Prepared

Doug Austin and Peter Dillon have both run in every event this year.  Doug has already clinched the number one spot with six total first place finishes.  Peter is locked into second place for the year and will try to add a few points to his total at Hershey.  Carl Mellinger has been very competitive this year as well, although he doesn’t have enough events in to compete for the season title.  He can still qualify for a trophy by competing in both Hershey events.

D Street Prepared

Benjamin Brandt will be taking home the season trophy in DSP this year.  He has a 23 point lead on second place going into the final weekend.  Both Chris BeLieu and Nicholas Williams are in contention for trophies if they sign up for Hershey soon.

E Street Prepared

We have two competitors who are two races short of qualifying in ESP this year.  Derek Latshaw currently has the points lead over Karl Bender and has won their head-to-head matchups this year, but is only signed up for one event at Hershey.  Karl comes in behind by three points, but is expected to run in both events and claim the season title.

F Street Prepared

Luckily for all of us, Markus Houser has run in every event this year and helped make our autocross season a success.  He’s also had some personal success in FSP, and is ready to take the season title there.  Eric Kootte can pick up second place by running in both Hershey events.

Classic American Muscle – Contemporary

CAM-C had a strong year overall in the region, with three competitors eligible for trophies and one more who could become eligible in the final weekend.  Tony Sklareski leads the class with four first-place and four second-place finishes for the year.  He has a four point lead over Don Hirt at the moment, who has also competed in all of the events this year and claimed two victories in the process.  Don is mathematically alive for the title, but he would need to win both events and get some help – a second place finish on either day for Tony will seal the win.  Curt Lau will lock up third place this year after competing in every event but one, but is too far from Don to claim second place.  Christopher Brown could also factor into the trophies by competing in both Hershey events.

C Prepared

Dennis Latshaw has run in a few different classes this year, but is expected to compete in both Hershey events and become eligible for the CP season title.  He could be stopped, however, by John Norton who trails by only two points and would also need to compete in both events to pick up a trophy.

D Prepared

Autocross Chair Geoff Craig will come into Hershey with the points title for the season already locked up.  Geoff picked up six first-place finishes this year in eight races to clinch the class.  The person who won the other two races, Logan Davis, will be in Hershey to challenge for the individual event titles for the weekend, so there should be some interesting races to watch.

E Prepared

Alan Lesher is the lone entry in EP for the Hershey events so far, and he has also claimed the points title for the year.

F Prepared

Taylor Bathurst is sitting on five races at the moment, but is expected to compete in both Hershey events and claim the season title in FP this year.

Street Modified F

Mark Rosson has led this class since the opening weekend and will come into Hershey with a lock on the overall title.  Nick Bradenbaugh hasn’t locked up second place officially, but with a twelve point lead over co-driver Jesse Stahlman should be able to close it out.  Speaking of Jesse, he is the favorite to claim third place right now.  He has beaten fourth place driver Mark Hetrick head to head so far this year, but Jesse only has a one point lead, so he needs to keep the pressure on to lock down the position.  Chris Imhof and Craig Thompson could also factor into the trophies if they can make it to Hershey.

Street Modified

Brian Holmes and Jeremy Brickner have both qualified for season trophies this year in SM.  Brian is currently leading the points with 69, having competed in every race this year.  Jeremy has six wins in six races, however, and if he decides to sign up for Hershey he would have to be considered the favorite to claim the title.  Jason Kashner could also become trophy eligible with a few races in Hershey, but hasn’t run enough races to fight for second place.


Super Street Modified –

Daryl Stoner and Dennis Stone should both be picking up season trophies in SSM.  Daryl comes into the final weekend with five first place finishes in as many events, and has the season title in sight.  Dennis needs to pick up six points in two races, which means he’ll need to have some great runs out there and get some help from his fellow competitors to have a shot at overtaking Daryl.

E Modified

Jeffrey Bowen is expected to compete in both Hershey events, earning him the lone E Mod season trophy in the process.

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