Barn Quilt Road Rally 2019

It’s fair to say the SCCA Susquehanna Region members are accustomed to events where going fast, wearing out tires, stirring up dust and heating brakes is all part of the competition. Well, for the 2nd year, we added a Road Rally that did not require any of the above. Well maybe stirring up some dust on a dirt road if your navigator headed you down a wrong path!

This Road Rally took place in the beautiful mountains of Fulton County, partnered with The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail. Speed was not a goal in this social road rally, instead attention to detail and following directions from the navigator are the main requirements in order to find your way through the mountains located around the little town of McConnellsburg. A major factor to enjoying the late morning to mid afternoon drive was soaking in the beautiful natural fall colors and magnificent barn quilts painted by local artists. Organizers were fortunate when they selected October 26 for this year’s road rally. The leaves were in full peak, the day started with sunshine, followed by clouds but the rain held off until all returned to the finish point. Making an enjoyable 48.5-mile drive taking three/four-hours. One of the scheduled stops on the rally was Ye Olde Mill Campground located beside the historic Burnt Cabins Grist Mill. A very scenic site where participants could take a break and grab a bite to eat before heading back on the trail. Remember, this social rally did not score points for being fast. The rally is designed for participants to enjoy the fun conversations between driver, navigator, and passengers. Perfect for including the entire family, which is exactly what Andy and Heather Bierach did, joined by their children Clara and Parker.

Out of the nineteen cars participating there was an age span in both human participants and autos. I believe Parker was the youngest participant at the age of 6 years, and while we didn’t gather official age of participants there was at least one 70+ year old in participation. The oldest car was a 1924 Lincoln driven by John Kelso and accompanied by navigator Linda. As shown in the pictures there was quite a nice sampling of vintage vehicles as well as modern day, some sporty, some modified, some just everyday drivers. All types of cars and trucks were welcome to participate providing the vehicle carried a current inspection and was verified in good working condition. We have had inquiries regarding motorcycle participation, but due to safety issues cycles are not allowed.

Several the folks that came out had participated in the 2018 rally. Many commented on the improved route instructions and for that we have Bryan Roper to thank. Ask any of the participants and I think you will receive a positive response about how enjoyable and fun filled this laid-back rally was. It is our hopes that as word spreads, we will see an increase in participation for future Road Rally events. The Frontier Barn Quilt team has already asked SCCA Susquehanna to return in 2020 which will again be scheduled for the fall. There has been some discussion about adding a spring road rally to our 2020 schedule giving us all an opportunity to get together before the Auto X and Rally X season kicks in — Stay tuned for dates.

A total of four classes were offered; this year there were multiple ties and we had to use tie breakers to determine winners in each class. Congratulations to all that participated and to the winners.

Novice: having never participated in a road rally with a total of eight participants, first in class was Jeff & Deborah Noyes driving a ’17 BMW M2. 2nd place went to Thomas & Sarah Smart in their 2006 Corvette. 3rd place was awarded to Bennett & Tamara Leas featuring their 1965 Mustang.

Experience: where driver and/or navigator have participated in one to three rallies, eight total in class. Kristen Poole and her mother Jana scored first place in class driving her ’13 WRX. 2nd place to Matt Delacy and his ’05 Acura. Coming in 3rd place were Adam & Dianne Dellinger, with their ’15 Toyota RAV4.

Local: living in or around McConnellsburg. Four came out to participate, David & Nancy Bivens took first in class with their ’31 Ford. 2nd place went to Dick Miller and his ‘ 15 Jeep. In 3rd place was Wayne MacDonald driving a ’31 Chrysler CM.

Advanced class – no participants this year.

John & Linda Kelso’s beautiful 1924 Lincoln
John & Linda Kelso’s beautiful 1924 Lincoln

First Place winners in Local class David & Nancy Bivens, 1931 Ford
First Place winners in Local class David & Nancy Bivens, with their 1931 Ford

Kristen & Jana Poole, First Place in Experienced Class
Kristen Poole in car with navigator Jana Poole “the mother and daughter team” – claimed first place in Experienced class

Fords Galore!
Strong showing with Robert Smart’s ’17 Ford Fusion, Rich & Faye Thomas’ ’16 Mustang, Vince Luppino’s ’03 T-Bird and David Bivens 1931 Model A.

John & Linda Kelso’s beautiful 1924 Lincoln
John & Linda Kelso’s beautiful 1924 Lincoln

Ye Olde Mill
Ye Olde Mill

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