Meeting Minutes: June 2020

Zoom meeting called to order at 19:30

RE Report.  Melissa Mauro-April previous minutes passed as posted. No May meeting was held. By-laws were discussed to correct syntax errors.  Revisions were voted on and passed.

Treasurer Report.  Alan Lesher.  Financials were discussed.  No major financial items occurred in May due to the current pandemic.
Website/Squeal Report. Jake Limm. (read by Melissa Mauro)  One person unsubscribed from squeal.  But frequent opening of articles in it.  Website has slight uptick in Rallycross page viewing.
Facebook Report.  Jason Felty (read by Melissa Mauro) May-24 new members, 1 decline, June-23 new members, 2 deleted posts.  Clarification that swearing won’t be tolerated on the Facebook group.
Membership Report.  Andrew Lobb. Currently at 406 members.  Up 6 from last meeting.  Goal is to reach 415 by the first event.
Autocross report.  Chris Brown & Melissa Mauro.  Go ahead from Farm Show to have July 25 event.  We will also be hosting a small no points test and tune at Dallastown High School July 18 and 19.  Event will be limited to 50 people.  Melissa will be training two new members on MSR.  Annual tech will be held at the first event.
Rallycross Report.  John Roscinski & Nick Landis.  Susquehanna Region signed a contract with the BMR SCCA region to get primary access to the Rausch Creek Offroad park to host Rallycross events.  Idea to host larger scale Rally Sprint events were discussed for the future.  Assistance to be provided by the Rallycross sponsor, the site, and the chair members.  Motion for $3000 to begin excavation work on the Rausch Creek site property, with the goal to run Rallycross events, and eventually Rally Sprint events.  The motion was made, seconded, and passed.  Two events were rescheduled for the 2020 Rallycross season for Aug 1 and Sept 26.
Road Rally Report.  Lisa Leathery.  Barn Quilt rally informed us they did not want to host an event in 2020, but stated they would like us to return in 2021.  Possible idea to host a Perry County fall rally was discussed so long as it does not conflict with rally or autocross.
Old Business-Melissa Mauro.  Truck clean out possibly to happen at Dallastown test and tune event.  Limited to certain people for clean out.  Some timing equipment needs repaired as it was damaged over winter.  Marcus to determine full assessment before first event.
Meeting adjourned at 20:47.

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