One Lap of America

Tire Rack’s One Lap of America, May 4th-11th. 8 venues, 18 events, over 3500 miles of transit driving, wet and dry skid pad, autocross, road racing, drag racing, All of these things are what Susquehanna Region SCCA Members Jared McGahen and I have been preparing for since Summer of 2018.

Arguably the most grueling amateur racing events in the country, One Lap is a test of a driver’s speed, nerve, intuition, and sanity as you take part in event after event, most times with as much as 400+ miles between them. No sooner do you get to a hotel, you run a schedule with your group on who is showering when for efficiency, and strategically staying where you can get a free breakfast with your stay.

Jared and I, both from York, PA have been working up to prepare for this event since last year. We will embark on this trip for a journey of a lifetime. With trackdays at Pitt Race, Pocono, and Utah Motorsports Park under our belt, as well as experience in autocrossing and drag racing, Jared and I have spent all winter preparing Jared’s infamous G8 GT for the event.

Having both tracked the G8 in 2018, Jared and I set out to rectify some of the issues that the car had while on-track. Both of us experienced, with long 20-30 minute sessions, some oil temperature issues, with the oil sometimes reaching oil temps as high as 260*F+ and having to take a few laps to cool the engine down. To conquer this issue, a Moroso oil cooler was added to the oiling system to help keep those temperatures under control.

Another issue while on track has been braking power. While Jared was on track at Pocono, he found the brakes on the G8 lacking consistency. At one point, he put his pedal down for hard braking to find out his fluid probably boiled, his stock rubber lines likely ballooning, and he blew right through the braking zone and went off-course. So after this trip, upgraded stainless braided lines were employed as well as new DOT4 brake fluid used to prevent issues. Also installed were a new set of EBC dimpled and slotted rotors on the front with brand new EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads.

Then during my time of over 3 hours of track time at Pitt Race, I cooked that set of EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads to the point that pad material was chunking off the backing plate. After this part failure, Jared and I set out on a mission to add additional brake cooling via homemade ducting. Also contacting EBC asking if the brake pad failure was normal, they stood by their product and sent a full set of front and rear EBC Blue Stuff pads that should stand up to more abuse on tracks where Jared and I will likely be slowing down a 4300lb car from upwards of 150mph.

If any of you have been to an autocross where Jared and/or I are racing the G8, you most definitely know it from the stickers and the obscene amount of tire screeching and body roll the vehicle produces in a tight, technical course like autocross. To fix these issues, a brand new set of BMR swaybars and polyurethane bushings were employed to help even out the body roll and deal with the heft of the 4300lb behemoth. Coupling that with 18×9.5 square wheels with Falken Azenis RT615K+ tires in 265/35R18 will help manage the car and its weight quite a bit better than the lackluster 235 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires previously used.

With racing season upon them, Jared and I are setting out this season for a few preparatory events in the G8 to once again get familiar with the vehicle and the new modifications before the 641 mile journey to Tire Rack Headquarters in South Bend, IN where One Lap of America officially begins on May 4th. Our team will be participating in Beavers Springs Drag Way’s opening day April 6th to get the G8 dialed in for ¼ mile and 1/8 mile drag racing and attending the DC Region SCCA autocross on April 14th at Fedex Field. Come out with us and help us get prepared for what will be an awesome trip!

Jared and I will be attempting to do live streaming while on course for these events on the Susquehanna Region facebook page and doing a full documentation of One Lap of America on their YouTube channel, Bring It Muscle Cars. There you can also find modification videos, racing videos, and other fun shenanigans involving cars, racing, and Kenny Adam.


Bring It Muscle Cars Youtube Channel

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