Member Spot: Lisa Leathery

Name: Lisa Leatheryspotlight-leathery-headshot
From: East Berlin, PA
Runs: Autocross
Drives: 2013 Boss Mustang in FS
Member since: 2013

Have always been a car enthusiast and for a long time worked as a collector car event manager. Personally I prefer driving

Member Spot: Ramon Marrero

Name: Ramon Marrerospotlight-ramon-headshot
From: Palmyra, PA
Runs: Autocross
Drives: 1999 Ford SVT Contour
Member since: 2015

As far back as I can remember I loved racing. My dad was a “junk yard hot rodder” and got me into cars day

Member Spot: Albert Ngo

Name: Albert Ngoalbert-ngo
From: Mount Joy, PA
Runs: Autocross
Drives: 2011 Subaru STI – STU; 1997 Mazda (Mr. Putt-Putt) Miata – ES
Member since: 2015

You can’t miss the Angry panda on my cars. It will make you laugh.​


Member Spot: Don Walsh

Name: Don Walshd-walsh
From: Orrtanna, PA
Runs: Road Racing
Drives: 1990 Mazda RX7 E Production
Member since: 1971

Started in autocross in 1969 with a Fiat 124 coupe. Moved to a Honda S600 roadster and started road racing in 1971.

Member Spot: Lauren Joy

Name: Lauren Joyl-joy
From: Lancaster, PA
Runs: Autocross and other events
Drives: Anything she can get her hands on. Recently, the “Mom Wagon” (Mazda 6), but she’s run a Mazdaspeed Miata, Civic, and a Mazda in the past.
Member since:

Member Spot: Doug Austin

Name: Doug AustinDoug-Austin
From: Harrisburg, PA
Runs: Autocross, Hillclimb
Drives: 1999 Mazda Miata
Class: ES
Member since: 2013

I come from a long family history of automotive passion and mechanical engineers. Started with cars as a modification and maintenance hobby

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