Member Spot: Stephen Hyatt

Name: Stephen Hyatt
From: Chambersburg, PA
Runs: Rally Cross and Road Racing
Drives: 2014 Mazda 2 in the SF class
Member Since: 1972

Stephen Hayatt has been a long-time member of the SCCA. He has run every kind of race we have put on. These days he can be found running his Mazda 2 at our Rallycross events and serving on the Rallycross Board. When asked to sum up his years with SCCA, Stephen had the following to say: “I started in SCCA doing SOLO and quickly progressed into club racing running in the Showroom Stock, IT, and GT5 Classes. When family became a priority, I started working as a volunteer at those same events. About 8 years ago, I wanted to go racing again. That’s when I found Rallycross! Currently I am on the RXB.”

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