Member Spot: David Chilcote


David Chilcoat

Name: David Chilcote
From: Fairfield, PA
Runs: SCCA RallyCross
Drives: 2000 Mazda Protégé LX in PF class
Member Since: 2016

If you have been to a local Rally Cross event in 2017 you are sure to have seen David. We got a chance to talk to him about his SCCA Career and here is what he had to say:

I was first introduced to SCCA road racing by my friend Otto by going to a MARRS event at Summit Point in 1976. I got the bug but never the time or money. Jump forward forty years, now with my son Michael, we finished our first full season of Rallycross last year. Mike placing first and me coming in third. We started Rallycross with Susquehanna in 2016 with our daily drivers, mine an ’07 Mazda 3 with 270,000 miles. we quickly learned that a dedicated rally car was desirable if we wanted our daily drivers to last. After considering reliability, availability of parts, familiarity and easy to work on the quest for the Protege was on. Two months and $300.00 we were owners of a dedicated rally car. We have had a great time and learned a lot in a short time. 2019 you may find us moved up to Modified class.

The Rally guys are very supportive, and everyone is out for fun! I am looking forward to this season with SUSQ and running with AHR and WDCR regions.

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