Member Spot: Dennis Latshaw

Name: Dennis Latshaw
From: Hanover, PA
Runs: AutoCross
Drives: 2006 Ford Mustang in CP Class
Member Since: 2008

Dennis and Derek Latshaw run the Susquehanna SCCA Novice Program. We couldn’t ask for anyone better to lead the novice charge than these two men. When asked to be the member spotlight Dennis had the following to say:

I run Autocross only. I do 30 plus events/year so I don’t have time for any more. The 06 Mustang has been my only true autocross car and at my age I’m pretty sure it will stay that way.

I ran my first event in FS illegally, believe me it didn’t matter, I think I placed 96 of 104. After that I moved into STX and helped prove V8 Mustangs are helpless on 265 street tires. ESP came next. Great class, but it’s getting tough with a solid axel car vs the new Mustang and Camero. CP looks like our home for the duration with some possible ventures into CAM for fun.

I’ve been a car nut all my life. My first new car was a 69 Mach 1, followed by a 72 vette and a 78 280Z. It’s been all Mustangs since. Derek and I drove by the Farm Show and saw an event in 06 or 07. Derek said we should try it and I told him we better get started because I wasn’t getting any younger.

The Mustang started as my wife’s daily driver and served in that capacity for about 2 years, which is kind of funny since she wouldn’t touch it with a 10′ pole today. We initially though it was fun and maybe something we would do for enjoyment a couple times a season which is really funny considering neither of us is any good at doing things just for fun.

Regardless, here we are 9 years and Lord knows how many thousands of dollars later. I hope we convey to our novice walkers just how exciting and rewarding this sport is. We have a great time and have made many lifelong friends thru autocross. The people of autocross are as friendly and helpful as any on earth. Mostly, the Randy Pobst quote I tell everyone on our walks sums it up. “Road racing is all heavy petting and foreplay. Autocross is all orgasm”!

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