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2017 Autocross & Rallycross Schedules

Great news!

We received confirmation of our event dates from the final venue this afternoon. We’re posting it here first, so that everyone has the details. We’ll get the website calendar updated as soon as possible… please be patient.

Also, …

Member Spot: Bryan Roper

Name: Bryan Roperheadshot-roper
From: Carlisle, PA
Runs: Bryan is currently running in Rallycross events. When not running in events, he is on the crew for several stage rally and road racing teams. Bryan is working towards getting into the autocross …

Member Spot: Brian Holmes

Name: Brian Holmesheadshot-holmes
From: Newport, PA
Runs: Currently, Brian runs autocross. He is hoping to get into the rallycross and time trial events in the next year or two.
Drives: Currently, Brian runs a 1984 BMW 318/E30 under number 84 …

Meeting Minutes: Nov. 2016

Regional Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2016

November meeting called to order by Steve at 7:30 and he mentioned some faces that he doesn’t normally see and thanked them for attending.

Steve asked if everyone had read the minutes posted and …

Puttering Around PA: November

The 2016 Solo and RallyCross season is coming to a close. While most regions are focusing primarily on their Membership Meetings and the November leadership changes a few of our sister regions have not yet completed their racing season. Below …

November Member Moments

As the 2016 calendar year slowly comes to an end we were still able to find a few members out and about running with other regions. Below are a few of the highlights since the last newsletter, and you can …

Weatherly Hillclimb Recap

September 17th and 18th was the Weatherly Hill Climb which many Susquehanna members participated in. From the moment I started hill climbing I was told “you have to run at the Weatherly Hill Climb”. I was intrigued, but with so …

2016 AX Results Event #10 — 10/30

2016 AX Results Event #9 — 10/29

Cast Your Vote: 2017 Board

A Chance to Have Your Voice and Vote Heard!

As outlined in the club’s regional bylaws, voting for the members of the executive board for 2017 will take place at the annual meeting in November. All members in attendance will …