<p>If you’re on Facebook, you likely saw the news of the passing of one of our members, Matthew Stahl. Matthew was just 21 years old when he was involved in a head-on collision on Wednesday, November 7th, and he tragically lost his life as a result of the crash. The […]</p>
<p>Name: Jason Felty From: Shermansdale, PA Runs: SCCA AutoCross and Motocross Drives: 2006 Mustang GT in CP (thanks to the Latshaws), 2002 Lexus IS300 in DSP, and coming soon a 2006 Corvette Z06 in SSM Member Since: 2009 If you attended the 2017 Awards Banquet you are sure to have seen […]</p>

AutoCross Beginners


Ready for an adrenaline rush? Put your driving skills to the test! Autocross emphasizes your driving ability and your car's handling in a low-hazard location on a course designated by traffic cones.

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RallyCross Beginners


Rather play in the dirt? You've come to the right place! Rallycross is an accessible form of extreme dirt motorsports, and the place to see if you've got what it takes to powerslide your way to victory.

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SCCA Events Calendar


Check out our full events calendar to find out our meeting schedule as well as all autocross, rallycross, and any other special events on the schedule for the Susquehanna Region SCCA.

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About Us

Susquehanna Region of SCCA is the number one automotive event club in south central PA. We are a group of car and racing enthusiasts, who have a passion for taking our cars on the road and the racetrack. While our primary activities are autocross and rallycross — where members can drive their cars at 10/10ths in safe environments — some members also road race, rally, kart, build cars and more. We have members in all areas of the Susquehanna Valley join us for events, and often have participants from other regions including Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Whether you’re an avid car enthusiast, someone who likes driving or just looking to hone your skills behind the wheel, we would love to see YOU bring your car to an autocross and drive it like it was made to be driven! Susquehanna Region SCCA is lucky to have a novice autocross program led by experienced chiefs, and instructors at-the-ready to help you navigate the course. Explore the rest of this site for details and novice guides to learn how to get started.

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Autocross is an inexpensive, timed motorsport competition where drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course in low-hazard environment like a large parking lot or air strip. It can be a fun weekend activity, a chance to test and tune your driving skills (and car), or used as an entry-level motorsport as a stepping stone if you're looking to move into other more competitive (and expensive) forms of racing. While speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and car feedback creates an adrenaline-pumping experience!


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RallyCross is often considered "autocross on dirt." Just imagine a scaled-down (safer) version of a rally stage on an unpaved plot of land. Luckily, the course is laid out with traffic cones instead of trees or rocks reducing hazards that could cause damage. Just like autocross, the emphasis is on your skills as a driver and car handling rather than strictly speed. Whether you're looking for a cost effective way to gauge your interest for "doing it in the dirt," or you just want some exciting seat time, rallycross is for you!

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