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What are you waiting for? Joining SCCA is easy, and inexpensive. Joining the national club will automatically put you into your regional club as well, so there’s only one registration process. There are several different levels of membership outlined below along with the benefits you can expect with your membership.

Tip: Save Money on Membership

You can save a little cash — $15 to be exact — on your membership dues if you use a current member as a referral. Just get their name and member number, and enter it during signup. And, if you’ve run a recent event and paid for a weekend membership, you can also use the number at the top of your weekend membership paperwork to save an additional $15!

SafeRacer First Gear Membership

If you’re under the age of 24 and looking to get started in motorsports — specifically the Sports Car Club of America — this option is for you! It has all of the perks of a regular membership — including a subscription to SportsCar® magazine, insurance benefits and discounts on club merchandise and other products and services — for just $45 per year. We’d love to have you in Susquehanna Region SCCA!


Individual Membership

Individual membership to the SCCA has a lot of benefits! They include your very own subscription to SportsCar® magazine ($24 value), eligibility for all club participation licenses, insurance benefits, and discounts on club merchandise in addition to other products and services. Your individual membership costs just $70 per year, and both of the tips above on saving money apply here, too!



Family Membership

Motorsports are great for the whole family. If your spouse or kids (under 21) want to become members, you can get it at a heck of a discount. Just enter your spouse and up to six kids for only $100. Your family enjoys the same benefits as individual membership, and you’ll get one copy of SportsCar® magazine for the family. And, those cost-saving tips can even be applied toward this membership!


Our Thanks to Military

If you are in active US Military service, you also qualify for a $35 rebate, making your national dues just $30. After joining using one of the links below, just call, fax or send an email to National Member Services requesting the rebate. Military deployed to hazardous areas are eligible to have their dues waived. Their contact info is:

P.O. Box 19400
Topeka, KS 66619-0400
Fax 785.232.7213

SCCA Membership Benefits

  • SportsCar Magazine subscription — official publication of the SCCA provides national monthly news, timely event coverage, informative features, entry forms and all official communication from SCCA
  • Discounts & savings — Get thousands of dollars in potential discounts. Save money on automotive and consumer products, gifts, food, personal services, publications and travel. Visit the SCCA website to get a sample of some participating retailers.
  • Insurance — SCCA members are automatically protected with personal event-related insurance at no additional cost. SCCA members accidentally injured at an SCCA event are covered for up to $1 million in medical expenses. In certain circumstances, SCCA members are also provided with limited third-party liability insurance coverage.
  • Schools & classes — SCCA conducts driver training classes, and has a list of approved private and professional training schools.
  • Cars & equipment — Need a loaner helmet? You got it. The SCCA offers a wide range of options for car rental and loaner equipment to help you get started.
  • Experts & information — Likely the most valuable perk to club membership is that it is filled with passionate members eager to share expertise and experience to teach and help you get where you want to go in motorsports.

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