Meeting Minutes: March 2023

March 2023 Membership Meeting

SCCA – Susquehanna Region

  • Meeting called to order on March 23, 2023 at 7:32pm
  • Minutes from the February meeting were approved as posted
  • RE Report: Melissa Mauro
    • Farm show has been back and forth on dates for both programs but we are close to signing and releasing those dates to the public
  • Treasurer’s Report: Alan Lesher
    • Autocross, Rallycross, RallySprint, membership & sponsorship income, distribution, and YTD figures were reviewed.
  • Membership report: Greg S
    • 16 new members
    • Total membership is 485 total members
    • Cars and Coffee April 16, organizer reached back out to Greg. Wanted to see if we wanted to participate
      • For $50 we could have a tent with a couple cars
      • Accelerate Auto will be the location of this season opener
      • They had 400 cars at last event
      • Bethlehem Cars and Coffee will be on the same date, we are not sure of the draw to the other event
      • Greg made a motion to spend $50 on the vendor spot, Andy seconded, motion passed
  • Communication Report – Website and Squeal: Jake Limm
    • Website traffic is little bit of gain over use and unique uses
    • The Squeal had 45.5% open rate & 4.7% click through
    • 2% increase in new users
  • Facebook update: Jason Felty
    • For the main Facebook group we had:
      • 2% growth
      • 5 declined
      • 3 blocked
    • For the rallycross group we had:
      • 1% growth
      • 10 approved
      • 1 declined
      • 1 blocked
  • Autocross Report: Melissa Mauro
    • Rules were discussed at planning meeting and we intend to have no signifiant rule changes
  • Rallycross Report: John Roscinski
    • Still waiting for farm show to give green light on event dates
    • Anticipating 7 events this year
  • Road Rally: Mike Chilcote
    • If we can get 4 cars to run ,we will, but right now only 2 are signed up
  • Old business
    • New Laptops
      • Mike got some quotes – will email out to Board Members
    • at planning meeting we were talking about new chief shirts for chiefs and chairs
      • moisture wicking material – tshirt style
        • Crazy Dog quoted $27/shirt
        • Melissa made motion no than $675 for shirts
        • Motion passed unanimously
  • New Business
    • Timing Canopy
      • current appears to be in poor condition. It leaks when it rains.
      • if we can get a 10×10, the walls that we have will work with it.
      • this would be the one for works for both programs
        • Motion to look into new shelter up to $750 dollars approved unanimously
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm

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