Below is a preliminary list of the sessions planned for the NEDiv Mini-Con. Click each session title for a brief description of the session. Note that some changes may be required before this is considered a final sessions list. 

Program/Area Presenter/Facilitator Session Title
Admin Directors Directors' Meeting (open forum)
Admin NEDiv Council NEDiv Council Meeting
Leadership Jeff Luckritz Leadership Training: REs, Program Chairs and Stewards
Leadership Jeff Luckritz RE Round Table: Best Practices
Membership Kristen Poole Bridging the Gap: Women & Men
Membership Chris Robbins Member Experience Programs
Membership TBD Women's Round Table/Town Hall
Region Admin Rick Myers Sanction, Insurance & Audit Process Update
Region Admin Melissa Mauro MotorsportReg: Ins & Outs/Tips & Tricks
Region Admin Jon Krolewicz & Kristen Poole Marketing Overview/Panel/Q&A
Road Racing Paula Hawthorne How to Function as an Out of Town Steward
Road Racing Fred Brinkel Stewarding
Road Racing Mark Hillyer F&C
Road Racing Tom Campbell / Chris Mosley / Fred Brinkel Championship Racing in NEDiv
Road Racing Tom Campbell Majors Racing Committee Meeting
Road Rally Peter Schneider Road Rally as a Social Activity
RallyCross Jim Perrin RallyCross Safety Steward Renewal Training
RallyCross Jim Perrin RallyCross Town Hall
Solo Roger Johnson Solo Course Design
Solo Jim Garry Solo Safety Steward Training
Solo Velma Boreen Solo Waivers
Solo Greg Vincent Solo: How to Help Regions Improve Their Programs
Solo Alex Artayet & Greg Vincent Keystone Cup Review & Solo Divisional Series Town Hall
Solo Greg Vincent & Raleigh Boreen Solo Town Hall
Solo/RX Raleigh Boreen Solo and RallyCross Venue Acquisition
TRSS Scott Dobler Moving Forward with Street Survival
TRSS Melissa Mauro Surviving and Succeeding at Your First Street Survival
TT/Hillclimb Rich Rock Hillclimb Round Table
TT/National Jon Krolewicz SCCA Time Trials
TT/National Jon Krolewicz SCCA Track Events

RE Round Table: Best Practices

A chance for RE’s discuss and share best practices, successes and areas needing improvement. Open to all Regional Executives.

Bridging the Gap: Women & Men

We cannot fully empower women in motorsports unless we engage boys and men. This session will provide a data-driven view on the need for allies across genders, and provide real-world examples and a chance to discuss what we can do today to start bridging the gap between the genders.

Women’s Round Table

Round table discussion regarding the inclusion and advancement of women in all forms of motorsports. All women and allies are welcome to attend.

Marketing Overview/Panel/Q&A

A quick 15-minute presentation followed by a town hall. Have marketing question? Confused about how to do something or what tool is best to use? Need advice on your region’s website, social media or email marketing initiatives? This session is for you.

Road Rally as a Social Activity

Come see how to organize your first RoadRally and the benefits of that for your Region.

RallyCross Town Hall

A one hour, round table discussion on any issue related to the SCCA RallyCross program.

Keystone Cup Review & Solo Divisional Series Town Hall

A review of the 2018 Keystone Cup—organized by Steel Cities Region—followed by an open discussion about a potential Solo divisional series.

Solo Town Hall

A one hour, round table discussion on any issue related to the SCCA Solo program.

Moving Forward with Street Survival

Celebrate a hugely successful year for SCCA and TRSS Program. Get help from an experienced TRSS Organizer. Have questions about volunteers? Needing help with the classroom presentation? This session is for you.

Surviving and Succeeding at Your First Street Survival

Looking to start a Tire Rack Street Survival program? Join me as I share how Susquehanna Region found success with our first Street Survival. You’ll get tips and tricks for navigating your first event, learn how to stay on top of the many moving parts of the program, and find out how to organize your Region to not only survive, but succeed at your first TRSS.

Solo Safety Training

Solo Safety Steward training for stewards in training or renewal for licensed stewards.

Hillclimb Round Table

Round Table discussion of all aspects of the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association.

Director’s Meeting (open forum)

Report from the Northeast Division Directors where members get to hear from and ask general questions of the Board of Directors.

NEDiv Council Meeting

Open door meeting of the NE Division Council to serve as a wrap-up for the mini-convention.

Sanction, Insurance & Audit Process Update

This session will cover recent updates to the sanction, insurance and audit process and the plans in place to significantly improve the process with a common means of applying for event sanctions/insurance across all programs.


Race incident communication for new captains and controllers.

Leadership Training: Regional Executives, Program Chairs and Stewards

Learn how to lead yourself first so you can serve others. You will be given a step-by-step process to be the best leader possible.

Solo Course Design

When it comes to any autocross event, the course defines the experience more than any other part of the event and when it comes to course design, Roger Johnson is the Guru. This session will cover the basics, while also addressing challenging lot lay outs, managing speed and keeping your visuals easy and fun. This session is for: anyone who will ever design or set up cones with the intention of having people drive through them rapidly while grinning.

Improving the Member Experience

One of our goals in 2018 was to improve the Member Experience. That started with understanding what Members wanted, needed, expected, and deserved. Out of this understanding came the Welcoming Environment Statement and a completely new Member Portal, with website improvements still to come. Come find out more and learn how you can support the SCCA Mission, Vision, and Values.

MotorsportReg: Tips & Tricks

Come get some tips and tricks to make your lives easier when using MotorsportReg as both your pre-registration platform and your check-in service at events.

RallyCross Safety Steward Renewal training

A down and dirty review of the material needed to renewal your RX Safety Steward.

Solo Waivers

What you need to know about latest changes in solo waivers

Solo: How to Help Regions Improve their Programs

Discussion on the resources available to regions to support improving their programs.

Solo and RallyCross Venue Acquisition

Discussion on resources available to support site acquisition.

Chamionship Racing in NEDiv

Panel Discussion regarding the Majors and NEDiv Championship Series and their value to the Division Racing Program.


Discussion of Stewarding and Direction in the Northeast Division.

SCCA Time Trials

Discussion surrounding National Tour and new procedures for Time Trials.

SCCA Track Events

Updates and new procedures around Track Events.

Majors Racing Committee Meeting

Committee meeting for the Majors Racing Committee.

How to Function as an Out of Town Steward

How stewards can fit in with a region’s different approaches.

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