Executive Board & Committees

The Susquehanna Region of the SCCA — like all other SCCA regions — operates on a volunteer-basis only. The individuals below are the people responsible for making the club run. We’re always looking for additional people to step up and take the club to the next level. If you’re interested, have ideas for the club, or just want to get involved, please contact us now.

2017 Susquehanna Region Executive Board

Regional Executive Kristen Poole 717.418.9871
Assistant Regional Executive Doug Austin 717.468.2134
Treasurer Alan Lesher 717.486.4087
Secretary Brian Holmes 717.648.4691
Director, 3 Year Bryan Roper 717.552.5812
Director, 2 Year Kevin MacDonald (July – Dec.)
Geoff Craig (Jan.-June)
Director, 1 Year Markus Houser 717.495.6742

2017 Club Committee Members

Kristen Poole — Site Acquisition & Relations, Website Editor
Markus Houser — Pre-registration
Melissa Mauro — Editor, The Squeal
Doug Austin — Social Media Administrator
Tracy Holmes — Membership Chair

2017 Autocross Committee

Chris Benfer — Solo Chair & Timing Chief
Zach McCune — Registration Chief
Doug Austin — Safety Chief
Mike Snyder — Tech Chief
John Norton — Grid Chief
Dennis & Derek Latshaw — Novice Program Chiefs
Brian Holmes — Worker Chief
Markus Houser — Equipment Manager & Results
Geoff Craig — Co-Chair & Course Design (Jan—May)

2017 Rallycross Committee

John Roscinski — Chair
Adam Moore — Safety Chief
Bryan Roper — Timing Chief
Mike Chilcote — Registration Chief
David Chilcote — Assistant Registrar
Nick Landis — Tech Chief
Markus Houser — Equipment Manager & Results

Club Bylaws

Susquehanna Region SCCA By-Laws (revised 03.30.2017)