Autocross Rules & Regulations

Of course autocross has some rules. They help to make sure that safety always comes first, everyone has fun, and competition is fair. Below are several links to SCCA® Rules, along with Susquehanna Region’s Autocross Supplemental Rules and several other resources for how to class your car and what kind of helmet you’ll need.

If you have questions, make sure to join us on Facebook and feel free to post or message us your questions. Other members, along with Susquehanna Region autocross participants are usually quick to lend a hand.

Important Links

2017 SCCA® National Solo® Rules
2017 Street Category by Manufacturer
2017 Helmet Certifications for Solo® events
Quick-Guide: Car Class Allowances
National Solo FAQs
Additional Rules Downloads from SCCA®
Susquehanna Region 2017 Autocross Supplemental Rules
FastTrack SCCA News (updates for rules and classifications)


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