Road Rally in Susquehanna Region

The Susquehanna Region SCCA hasn’t held a Rally event since 2008 (but we are running one in 2018!), but before that it was a staple in our event lineup. We would like to extend a special invitation to anyone who interested in organizing a rally event. Please contact any club officer and let them know your interest.

Road Rally Schedule

For the first time in a decade, we’ll be running a Road Rally event on October 6, 2018! If you would like to be involved in organizing future Road Rally events, please contact any club officer and let them know your interest.

2019 Game, Tour & Adventure Road Rally @ [Lot in rear of] 211 Lincoln Way East, McConnellsburg PA
Oct 26 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Who: Susquehanna Region SCCA, The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail of Fulton County

What: Game, Tour & Adventure (GTA) Social ROAD RALLY

When: OCTOBER 26th, 2019

Start time: Check- in 10 AM first car out 11 AM

Approximate End time: 3 PM (results and awards presentation)

Where: Begins and ends @ parking lot behind 211 Lincoln Way East, McConnellsburg, PA. From the Turnpike 1-76, take Exit 180 Ft. Littleton. Turn left onto US 522 South. Follow US 522 South to the red light in McConnellsburg, PA. Turn left. At the next light, Third Street, turn right. Turn into the first right after the light, which is an alley between the Fulton County Historical Society Museum Annex and the McConnellsburg Fire Hall (Pine Street, but not marked). There will be signs to follow.

Cost $25 per car Pre-Registration cutoff October 14th ($35 day-of registration)

Details: A fun back-road drive with a scavenger hunt, find and view beautiful BARN quilts, answer questions about what you see and find. This is a 55-mile drive, estimate 2 hours .

What you need: A car, driver with current driver’s license, co-pilot. Suggest in car support, pen, clip board, refreshments. Bring binoculars!

This is a great event to do with your spouse, children, parents and friends. Back seat passengers allowed (point deduct for additional set of eyes) It is great fun. Participants from last year said – thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Prizes and awards: Will be given to competitors in each class (Class registration 1 to 4 = one award, class registration 5 to 10 = two awards, class registration with 10 plus = three awards)

    Class breakdown:

  • Advanced driver or navigator: participated in 4 or more road rallies
  • Experienced driver or navigator: participated in 1 to 3 road rallies
  • Novice driver and navigator: never participated in road rally

SCCA Membership not required to participate, all welcome.



What’s a Road Rally?

Road Rally is often described as extremely large board game where public roads are the board and your car is the playing piece. Each car carries a driver and navigator(s) with the goal of carefully following a set of instructions that direct you along the intended course.

Teams can be friends, couples or entire families, and any and all types of vehicles are welcome to join!All you need is a pen, a friend (your navigator) and a car. That’s it! The goal is to follow the course most accurately, and at the end of the rally, there’s usually plenty of good food and other car nuts to socialize with.

There are two types of Rally events that are typically held — Gimmick and Timed — but they are both non-racing events held on public streets.

Gimmick Rally

This type of rally is a great way to get started. They often involve as little effort as following driving directions and answering questions about the scenery as you go.

Timed Rallies

The goal of this type of rally is to get from a designated point A to point B in the correct amount of time, given specific directions and average speed information. It may sound tricky, but you can conceivably just watch your speedometer, follow the clues and come close to arriving at the right time. There are often rally tables available to help if you wish to do the calculations.

Both types are an enjoyable way to spend a weekend afternoon or evening with a friend and your car, cruising the roads of South-Central PA.

Rules & Classes

Rules and Classes
Definitions and Abbreviations
Rallye Supplemental Rules


Rally | 2005-2006


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