November Member Moments

As the 2016 calendar year slowly comes to an end we were still able to find a few members out and about running with other regions. Below are a few of the highlights since the last newsletter, and you can find a great recap of Weatherly Hillclimb written by Shawn Mellinger.

SJR Solo Event 9- Sunday 10-16-16

Darian Taggart ran a Mazada 3 in the STF class taking position 1 of 1 and winning a trophy in his class

SJR Solo Event 10- Sunday 11-13-16

Darian Taggart ran a Mazada 3 in the STF class taking position 1 of 2 and winning a trophy in his class.

CPR Witches Rallye

… was a hit with Susquehanna Member Greg Kulp and Lori Wright winning a Trophy for Best Team Costume. Greg and Lori dressed as Cruella de Vil and he dog. While this would be something we would love to have seen they unfortunately they removed their costumes before they were photographed receiving their trophy.

PHA Year-End Banquet & Trophiessusqscca_pha_ad_2016

Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association held their year-end banquet last weekend and Susquehanna members reported it was a great time. And a lot of our members walked away with trophies. Final 2016 results for Susquehanna members are listed below. Congratulations to all competitors on a great season with PHA!

Hardcore Hillclimbers:

  • Kurt Eikenberg
  • Shawn Mellinger
  • Jason Fraley
  • Greg Hagan

PHA Lloyd Geib Awared

  • Shawn Mellinger

2016 Class Champions

  • BSP: Shawn Mellinger
  • DSP: Jason Fraley
  • FSP: Ursula Whisler
  • SMX: Brian Micciche
  • HP: Joe Whitely
  • GT-Lite: Don McLaughlin
  • FF: Tony Preston
  • Club Ford: Greg Hagan
  • SPEC 1: Kurt Eikenberg
  • SPEC 2: Ken Taggart

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